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Angel Policy

(Rubber & Clear Stamps)

Hambo Stamps is an Angel Company! This means that only finished art projects stamped by hand using our rubber stamps may be sold, and may not be reproduced or copied in any form by any means graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying. You may NOT use Hambo Stamp images as clip art, logos, or to make your own stamps, nor may you stamp images just for the purpose of selling or swapping. All images are original drawings and copyrighted in the year they were introduced by Tim Hunter exclusively for Hambo Stamps.

Please note: Though not required, we DO have a tiny stamp that reads "Images by Hambo Stamps" that you can use on your projects or displays if you'd like to give us credit. There is no charge for the stamp. Just let us know that you'd like one the next time you place an order, and we'll throw one in. Thanks!

**A few more words about this**

 Please respect that the images and sayings found on our website are items that we are selling. While we don't mind the occasional stamping of a RAK*  image (singular) to share with a friend, please be fair in how you practice this. We only consider this practice "random" when an image is sent to a recipient unrequested. If someone has asked for a specific image or images, as in "Wish RAK" groups, then this is NOT considered random and is not allowed under our terms without written permission by us. Likewise, organized image "swaps" or "trades" are beyond the scope of sharing that we allow without written permission.

Along the same lines, if you see a saying on our site that you'd like to use, please purchase the stamp; we consider computer reproductions of our sayings to be the equivalent of shoplifting (taking something you didn't pay for). Remember, it's hard for companies like ours to stay in business if they can't profit from their own creativity, originality and hard work.

Likewise, please do not "pin" any of our images, watermarked or otherwise, on any pin boards, such as Pinterest - though you're welcome to pin your finished projects. It's important that we protect our ownership of these images, and it's very complicated once they're pinned and open to the non-stamping public. 

*RAK = Random Act of Kindness